Dolores Edwards-Hall
Psychotherapy & Counselling

• Diploma in Clinical Supervision
• MA in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy.
• Cert in CBT
• PG Diploma in Drama Therapy.
• BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts.

Professional Memberships
• UKCP Registered
• BACP Registered

About me

I am a qualified psychotherapist and clinical supervisor with experience of working with adults and young people with a wide range of problems and concerns.

The approach I use is called humanistic, which means that I start from the belief that each of us has the ability to self-heal. The therapist or counsellor is there to help by offering support when difficult emotions, painful feelings or unhelpful ways of behaving make life hard. I am also experienced in working with the creative arts, which can be used in therapy alongside talking.

I have worked in Private Practice for 10 years. Previously I have worked in education, within the NHS, Mental Health services and in the workplace and the community. I am familiar with the unique challenges these environments can present. I also keep up to date with the latest developments in therapy and counselling by continued training, research and reading.

My way of working is always to focus on the client and their concerns.

Personal Data & Confidentiality

I aim to be fully compliant with current GPDR legislation and to let you know how I use and protect the personal information and data that you have given me. I follow guidance from my governing bodies the UKCP and the BACP.

Contact Details
I will use your contact details to respond to messages from you, or to inform you of pertinent information between sessions, if/when required. If you have used emails to make contact with me, your address will have been stored on my hard drive, which is password protected. If we communicate via mobile phone your identification is anonymised and the phone is used solely for work and is pin protected. All data on paper format is stored securely in a separate locked cabinet.

Note Keeping
I keep minimal content notes which are anonyised and kept in a locked cabinet separate from any factual or identifying data.

Any drawings or art done during the sessions is yours. If asked by yourself, I will store this material safely. I will never use any of your data/artworks for writing, publishing, research or training purposes without prior written consent.

How long personal data is stored
Your personal details and session notes are held securely for a period of 5 years after our final session. After this time, everything is shredded and disposed of.

Your phone number and any messages/emails from you, or to you, are also permanently deleted after our final session.

You have a right to see the information I hold about you should you wish to. You have a right to change any information which you consider to be incorrect. You can also ask me to delete all/any of the information that I hold. You may withdraw consent at any time without detriment. There are however some details I need to keep due to legal and professional obligations.

Exceptions to confidentiality

As your GP holds clinical responsibility for your mental and physical health, I may contact him/her if I am concerned about your risk of harming yourself or another. I will, whenever possible, inform you of my intention.

I am required to attend regular supervision of my work, but no full names or personal identification will be disclosed. When I share client material or images this is always done confidentially, protecting your identity.

If I am required to do so by law.

In the event of a complaint
Please contact me directly. And if we cannot resolve this you could then contact the Information Commissioner Office ( ICO). I am registered with them and my reference is A8329950 Their address is: or Guidance for GDPR Compliance.

Should you decide to work with me and by making a further appointment, I will take it that you agree to the above Privacy Policy.

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